“Where there is help, there is hope”

Turn to us for ‘what’s next’….when your doctor says “you have MS”

Whether  you have just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS),  are going through the diagnostic process, or have lived with the condition for many years,  it can be a challenging and often confusing time. You will have lots of questions.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, you have many choices to make with your medical provider about the appropriate treatment and the path to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You’ll want to know what your next steps should be. If you’ve had MS for a while and things are changing, you may be seeking advice about the options you have for support and assistance.

The staff at the Alaska MS Center are here to help. We offer information, support and resources to help you through whatever stage you’re in.

To set up a one-to-one appointment please call (907) 929-2567 or email info@alaskamscenter.org.

We strongly encourage you to incorporate active and healthy choices that make living with MS a more positive and manageable experience. Please send any input or suggestions to alaskamscenter@gmail.com.