World MS Day











Please participate in our campaign to tell the world how you feel about multiple sclerosis.


1. We want everybody to make a sign, so print what we have below or make your own.

Printable World MS Day Sign

2. We ask that you take a selfie or have someone take your picture with the completed sign, then post it to our Facebook page and Twitter account. See links below and please use #alaskamscenter, #strongerthanMS, #knockoutMS and #livingwellwithMS

3. Make sure to share with all friends and followers with social media on Wednesday, May 27th. You can even schedule the post so you don’t have to remember.

4. If you want to use our sign, let us take the picture and post it for you…stop by the office in Anchorage during business hours.



Alaska MS Center’s Facebook Page



Twitter Page For Alaska MS Center


Here is a great example from our Board President, Vickie Dodge-Pamplin!



You can also type your statement with a fun fonts like Executive Director, Antonia Fowler…