Balance, Core and More

Meeting times:  please refer to a similar class: “Winter Activities” for class sessions in
Winter 2017

Instructor:  Antonia Fiflis-Fowler, a Physical therapist and MS Specialist with over 35 years
experience working with individuals with neurological deficits.

These classes help those with neurological or orthopedic deficits seeking to improve balance , strength, coordination and body awareness.

Exercises include arm, leg, and core strengthening, stretching, and range of motion,  by using techniques of Feldenkrais, PNF, Pilates ,Yoga and compound strengthening moves.

Individuals may perform exercises in their  wheelchairs , the provided folding  chairs or in standing.   There are also exercises performed on the ground for those who are able.

For more information, call 907.929.25620150318_18113920150318_181332Chair excercises

20150318_183220                                                           END YOUR SESSION WITH TIME TO RELAX AND BREATHE!