Resilience Program

DVD Presentation on Resilience by the NMSS, followed by a group discussion with
Antonia Fowler, LPT, MS Specialist/Director of Programs at the Alaska MS Center


People with multiple sclerosis may find that the physical, psychological and spiritual challenges of living with the disease can be overwhelming. Some may feel that the challenges of living with a chronic disease are very hard to face day after day. However, many people living with chronic diseases, including MS, have learned that practicing behaviors that promote resilience is the secret to not just coping with the disease, but thriving with it. Resilience helps create a mindset of growth and opportunities, of seeing obstacles as challenges rather than threats. Some people have a natural tendency to be resilient. It’s part of their makeup to be optimistic and to look for solutions to problems. But even if that’s not the case for you, strategies to build resilience can be learned and practiced.

Saturday, March 11th

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Providence Health Park, Anchorage
3831 Piper St., Tower U, Room 2281

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