Board of Directors


Executive Director
Antonia Fiflis-Fowler, Physical Therapist, CMSC MS Specialist | 907.929.2567

I have lived with the symptoms of MS since 1975, and, as a physical therapist have treated patients with neurological diseases since 1983. I enjoy being able to apply my knowledge and skills to help others achieve their best, especially when faced with  the challenges brought on by living with a disease that changes your life in so many ways. I’ve been involved with the AMSC since its inception in 2004 and want to do everything I can to make sure it stays in existence. The AMSC allows me to help more and more people realize that ‘life with MS is a life well worth living’.

Dr. Dana Strager
Physical Therapist, Alaska Neurology Center | 907.231.0151

I became a Physical Therapist to inspire people and help them to achieve what they thought was impossible. I love working with MS patients because I can see so many improvements with their functional activities of daily living. This led me to get involved with AMSC so that I could work with other volunteers to create and support the MS community in Alaska. I look forward to helping the Board develop programs, fund-raise and organize events so the MS Center becomes well recognized in the community.





Dr. Peter Osterbauer, Clinical Advisor
Board Certified Clinical Neurologist, Denali Center for Neurology
I remember doing fundraisers for multiple sclerosis as a kid in elementary school. At that point, I had no idea what MS was; I was simply trying to earn a prize. Having now worked with hundreds of MS patients throughout my career, I genuinely appreciate the impact of this disease. It affects not only the individual patients, but their families, friends, and communities as well. Although we are not able to offer any cures at this time, it is my passion to ensure that the effects of this disease are minimized and quality of life is improved. The Alaska Multiple Sclerosis Center plays a major role in that endeavor.



Walter Almon
Engineer Team Lead, BP

Tina Stair  | 907.727.7385

Shelley Hokenson |  907.952.0304

Valerie Soik | 907.345.0552

Deb Bottorff  | 907.744.5233

Craig Bevercombe
Manager, Respiratory Therapy, Alaska Native Medical Center | 503.705.9225

Dr. Robin Ober
Internal Medicine, Apex |  907.222.2739