If you are considered to be  70-100% disabled, you qualify to have another Alaskan fish for you each summer.


If  you would like to volunteer to fish for someone as their proxy, please contact the AMSC at 907.929.2567 or email

 When proxy fishing, the proxy (FISHERMAN) must have each of the following in his/her possession:

1. the sport fishing license or ADF&G Permanent ID card of the Beneficiary(person you are fishing for)
2. all applicable subsistence or personal use permits for both the Proxy and the Beneficiary; AND
3. the Proxy Fishing Information Form, signed by ADF&G. (Beneficiaries may substitute a written statement authorizing the Proxy for the “Beneficiary” portion of this form, as long as the statement includes all information requested of the Beneficiary.)

If you’d like someone to fish for you the Alaska MS Center can connect you with  people who would be your proxy.

1. Click and print doctor’s form for signature: Physician’s Affidavit Of Physical Disability
2. Have form validated.
3. Take completed form, with original or copies of resident fishing licenses for both parties, to: Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game at 333 Raspberry Rd., Anchorage OR fax all items to: 907.267.2424


Let us know if you need assistance in making the connection with another person and we can help.