Next Steps – MS 101


3300 Providence Dr., Suite B04, Tower B, Providence Hospital, Anchorage


Call  907.929.2567 or email  for updated sessions


NEXT STEPS – MS 101 is a 45-60 minute discussion session designed to enhance one’s knowledge of multiple sclerosis and resources available in Alaska to help those living with a neurological condition.

Following a brief presentation of what MS is, the group discussion centers around those issues the attendees bring up. Attendees guide the discussion and are encouraged to ask questions that go deeper than clinical explanations and medical facts.

Who should attend: Newly-diagnosed individuals and their families and friends are encouraged to attend, as are those who have been diagnosed for many years, caregivers, and family members.

MS 101 sessions are led by Antonia Fiflis-Fowler, a physical therapist, and MS Specialist with more than 38 years experience working with  people with MS and living with the disease herself.

MS 101 is free, but please pre-register so we may assure small group sizes.


Our main objective is to educate and increase awareness about the ways to improve the lives of Alaskans affected by Multiple Sclerosis, both directly and indirectly. We look forward to meeting you so don’t hesitate to join in!